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5 Ways Panel Design Equipment Enclosures Offer Superior Flexibility

Posted by Craig Carmon on June 14, 2016

Most people believe equipment enclosures only come in a few standard sizes. In fact, it's common for supply houses, design engineers, and sales reps to maintain that belief because they think custom enclosures mean long lead-times and high prices. However, it is simply not the case - especially when the equipment shelter has a modular design. Click here to read about how much our aluminum enclosures cost. There are five key ways that an aluminum panel design offers superior flexibility and is well suited to cover most any equipment, no matter how complicated the job.


  • Individually machined panels allow for unlimited sizes
  • The length, width, and height for custom enclosures can be made to fit your exact needs, and changed if those needs change over time
  • Panel design boxes can be skid mounted. 


  • Lockable access panels can be installed for ease of maintenance
  • Add hinges between panels to create a door


Climate control

  • Thermostatically controlled heating unit can be installed on one of the panels of the equipment enclosure
  • Louvers and fans built into the panels can provide cross ventilation

Need a custom enclosure that includes all of these options? We've got you covered.



  • Can be cut in any panel for necessary piping coming in or going out of the equipment shelter
  • Can be cut to exact dimensions by the manufacturer or field cut, but check to make sure this doesn't void the warranty


  • Allows for all of these options while remaining durable and rugged
  • Individual panels can be replaced if damaged without having to replace the entire structure
  • Consistent R value insulation in each panel

Evaluate For These and More

The panel design we use for our standard and custom enclosures has all these capabilities. Additionally, manufacturers should be able to provide same day quotes and drawings within 2 days. They should also be able to deliver within three weeks. That way you don’t need to worry if a custom size will be ready in time. If you have an application that doesn’t fit a standard size enclosure, don’t assume a custom is not an option.  A modular enclosure makes it easy to satisfy custom needs.

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