Backflows Need Thermally Insulated Enclosures (& They Don't have to Be Ugly)

While it's crucial that the backflow assembly is installed as close to the property line as can be, but we must consider what will be in public view. The property line doesn't exist solely at the front entrance or along a roadway. How often do you see the electrical transformer at the main entrance of the building? Or in the middle of the lawn between the building and the road? Sometimes, yes, but more often than not the location of the transformer has been thought about and placed where it is not so easy to notice. Why? Because it is not aesthetically pleasing. Think about the trash dumpster and where those are typically located. It's usually in the back of the building with some type of disguise that keeps them from sticking out and taking away from the appeal of the building. Backflow preventers can be installed in thermally insulated enclosures behind or beside buildings out of sight, while staying in line with AWWA recommended best practices. Check out the video below for a couple examples of well placed enclosures.

Let's use the same thinking with backflow enclosures as we already do with transformers and dumpsters. When we see the enclosure placed in plain sight, often at the main entrance, its no wonder the architect and building owner don’t like it. We’ve seen projects where the location of the enclosure was thought about. Those locations are usually away from the main entrance and often along the property line of the building. 

backflow enclosure


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