From the Field: My Journey Through the 2024 Water Conferences

The beginning of 2024 has been an absolute frenzy of travel. Safe-T-Cover spent the past few months flying all around the country to exhibit and present at regional water conferences and spread the good news of above-ground valve installation and heated ASSE 1060 enclosures. Glory! Here is but a sampling of events we have participated thus far, either training water professionals about best practices in backflow prevention and protection, or exhibiting our industry leading features and benefits in insulated enclosures.

If our paths have yet to cross in 2024, I hope to see you soon on the road to clean and protected drinking water.

Nevada Rural Water Conference 2024

The annual Nevada Rural Water Conference was a prime gathering for those involved in the drinking water and wastewater communities, offering three days of training for attendees to earn Drinking Water and Wastewater contact hours. The conference also provides certification testing and was an excellent opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge and connect with industry peers. The Vendor Expo was a bustling center of innovation, where we showcased our latest innovations in locking enclosure doors (Muni-Lok) and lead a SRO training session about emerging trends in backflow prevention and protection.

Nevada Water COnference Nevada conference for water

NJ AWWA Annual Conference 2024

Celebrating 50 years of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the conference convened leading professionals, stakeholders and experts in the water and wastewater industries. I had the honor of delivering a training session on best practices for NJ municipalities that install backflows, meters and control valves together in one enclosure. The conference was rich with over 80 technical presentations, covering sustainable water management practices, innovations in water treatment technologies and more. We also exhibited at the Expo and showed off our many features and benefits, along with trends and samples in enclosure aesthetics.

New Jersey water conference schedule

Texas Water Show 2024

As the sun rose over the Fort Worth Convention Center, the excitement was palpable as the Texas Water Show 2024 had finally arrived. The air buzzed with the energy of water professionals eager to share and learn about the latest in technology and program management. The highlight of the training sessions was discussing the new EPA requirements on PFOS levels and how they will affect every American municipality in the coming years. The Texas show is the largest water conference in the country and I spent three days walking the show and attending dozens of training sessions to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

ABPA National Convention 2024

Next stop was the ABPA National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The focus here was on backflow prevention and cross-connection control, critical components in ensuring safe drinking water. The exhibit hall was a hive of activity, with vendors showcasing cutting-edge backflow prevention products, especially in software management of Cross-Connection Control programs and backflow parts purchasing for testers. Networking with peers and industry colleagues from 25 years in the industry is an annual rite of passage.

Water conference with Safe-T-Cover

Arkansas Water Conference 2024

The final leg of my conference journey brought me to the picturesque city of Hot Springs, Arkansas for the Arkansas Water Conference. Here, the focus shifted to the management of water resources in the agricultural and rural water sector. I again got to present our training session on best practices of above-ground valve and pump installation and the many municipal attendees agreed with our suggestions and talked eagerly of implementing them into their own water systems.

The Safe-T-Cover Session for water conference

The huge conference expo also provided a showcase for municipal pump systems, program management tools and safety practices and equipment. We also spent some time at the Hot Springs and Lake Hamilton to enjoy the panoramic and unique scenery of central Arkansas.


As I attend and participate at these conferences, I am always struck by the passion and dedication of the water industry professionals. Each conference was a unique blend of learning, sharing and connecting, all with the common goal of providing and protecting our most precious natural resource. Until next time, let’s keep the conversation flowing and continue to make waves in the water industry.
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