Are Water Utilities Inheriting Risk Regarding Backflow Installation?

The water engineering community has been struggling with new professional liability risk involving the location of premise isolation backflow preventer systems; Not because of new design practices, but because of new information about the old practices. 

And with this new risk realization comes a new interested party: The insurance company. Because of this very public commentary from experts and leading groups, casualty carriers, through subrogation, have new weapons for damage recovery. And anytime the accused designer is able to demonstrate that local government contributed, whether materially or passively, to the poor design, the water district and/or building authority may be at risk for the liability.

How does the water utility avoid being named responsible? Use up to date standard details that address the risk and show you did not contribute.

This slideshare will cover:

1.What are the risks associated with backflow installation?

2.Can that affect water jurisdictions?

3.National survey of civil and plumbing engineers

4.Standard details, best practices, and how to get your district up to date


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