From the Field - The Safe-T-Cover Advantage with a Damaged Enclosure

Damaged2A utility enclosure should provide you with lasting, durable, worry-free protection for your waterworks equipment. Sometimes, though, nature has a way of forcing the issue.

Regardless of the season, a regular inspection of your enclosure – from routine service to even cursory spot checks – is necessary to ensure all is as it should be, because, let’s face it: sometimes, it’s not!

Here’s an example of a damaged Safe-T-Cover enclosure, compromised by a fallen tree. At the risk of stating the obvious, if a tree has fallen through your enclosure, you might want to get it fixed! In the same breath, though, any damage to your Safe-T-Cover enclosure needs to be immediately addressed to protect the remaining enclosure structure and the equipment inside.

Indirectly, that’s part of the Safe-T-Cover advantage – a damaged fiberglass enclosure would need to be completely replaced, whereas our enclosure only needed the few affected panels to be repaired.

With quick turnaround times from order placement to leaving our Nashville facility, you can have the panels you need to restore your enclosure quickly and have a fully-intact enclosure again in minutes.

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