Custom Enclosures

Custom enclosures designed to specifically fit around your equipment are much more economical than most people expect. After working in the custom industrial enclosures industry for decades, we've come to believe that most enclosure applications should be treated as a custom project. Many sales reps, engineers, project managers and facility managers hesitate to do that because they think the “c” word (custom) means high price, long lead-time, and a big hassle. That's understandable, but it’s not necessarily true when it comes to equipment enclosures. It's actually completely economical to customize a wide range of features.

Custom Enclosure SIZING

It is key that custom enclosures are able to fit around your equipment. Our modular design allows us to machine custom aluminum enclosures in almost any size, so covers that are 8 foot tall (or even larger) monsters are really no sweat. We regularly construct heated valve enclosures that are as large as 71"x175"x109" and as small as 9"x26"x25". If you know the dimensions of your equipment and want to check if we have a standard size in stock that will work, you should check out our standard enclosures.


We stock a collection of heaters to maintain the correct temperature inside our custom enclosures in harsh, cold environments. Our slab-mounted heater not only protects the equipment, but will penetrate up to 16 inches down the riser pipes to improve freeze protection for water applications. These heaters are wet/damp certified and designed to keep the interior at 40° F even when it is -30° F outside. We also offer a couple different wall mounted models in case the application requires it. We also carry enclosure accessories such as an alarm system.


Need a custom enclosure for an air compressor, grundfos pump, deluge valve, or water storage tank? We've got that covered. In fact, we work on enclosures for all kinds of applications and it's likely we have experience with your equipment's needs. The engineers at Safe-T-Cover enjoy working on custom designed projects and are happy to include a variety of options from cutouts to climate control. Just follow our equipment enclosure checklist and you'll be on your way to the best enclosure for your needs that only takes a few weeks to arrive from sign off to delivery.

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