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A Project Engineer's Guide to Custom Equipment Enclosure Design

Posted by Al Adams on January 4, 2016

Specifications for a custom equipment enclosure or “hotbox” can lead to an overwhelming number of options. From stock aluminum or fiberglass enclosures to custom buildings there are a lot of enclosure options on the market.

With so many options this ancillary component can end up getting less attention than the core components of the project.  That’s understandable - but it may mean that an expedient solution isn’t the right long-term solution.

With an engineering team that’s reviewed thousands of enclosure applications, we’ve been able to identify common sets of requirements and questions for most equipment sheltering projects. 

They fall into five main categories which include:
  • Size & Strength
  • Climate Control
  • Aesthetics & Protection
  • Access & Maintenance
  • Application Flexibility

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