VIDEO: Safe-T-Cover Hopes To Change The Way You Think About Backflow

The goal of the 2019 AWWA Ace Exhibition in Denver is to help solve some of today’s global water challenges. Safe-T-Cover is proud to announce that we’ll be doing our part.

We’ll be there contributing to this year’s conference theme of “Innovating the Future of Water.” We’ll be stationed at Booth #3837 covering the latest technologies and water-sector changes as they pertain to backflow and pump enclosures.

You can get a sneak peek by watching this video of Safe-T-Cover President Craig Carmon, PE, LEED AP. He explains some of the topics that he and I will discuss.

Local sales representatives will be on hand to talk about:

  • Features and benefits of the best-insulated enclosure in the industry. Our standard 1.5-inch (R-9) polyisocyanurate insulation in the walls and 3-inch (R-18) in the roof means our enclosures meet ASSE Standard 1060 Class One for freeze protection.
  • Examples of standard enclosures for small- and large-diameter backflow preventers. We can cover any equipment size.
  • Examples of custom enclosures to fit applications of various shapes and sizes. Many times a custom enclosure is the more cost-effective solution.

We’ll also share informative videos and illustrations detailing best practices in backflow preventer installation and protection. And we’ll have information concerning the dangers of below-ground vaults and confined spaces.

There’s never been a better time to discuss the exciting and rapidly growing enclosure industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you can’t make it, review our guide, “Trends in Backflow Preventer Installations,” to learn more about what’s being done to make backflow safer.

Best Practices in Backflow Prevention & Protection

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