How and Why The Cross Connection Control Industry is Changing

Recently, director of EnviroDesign Management Randy Holland gave a presentation to the San Antonio chapter of the Americansan antonio abpa video.jpg Backflow Prevention Association. The presentation was recorded and you can now watch it and learn about backflow prevention best practices. This is the first video in a three part series. Here is a link to the second video on indoor installation of RPZ backflow preventers. Be on the lookout for the third video on backflow installation in vaults soon.

Here is just a sample of the information you'll learn by watching the video: Over the past two years big guns with loud megaphones have finally spoken up with language that has scared some of these engineers into a higher level of action. The truth of the matter is that what we're finding out with AMI systems and SCADA systems that there's actually more backflow happening at the meter than we ever thought before. Because of that, it's brought in a new interested party. That interested party is the insurance companies because they now realize that there are design issues with some of these things. That there's liability, there's errors and omissions that these guys are committing. They've got a new pocket to pick. All these insurers are coming out with a higher level of what we call the subrogation clause, where they reach through the insured and get a settlement from either the designer or, even sometimes, the purveyor. Watch the video below for more on cross connection control trends.

 You can also download the companion guide that addresses this and other topics by clicking below.

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