Safe-T-Cover Announces New Rep: REPCOR

August 4, 2016Repcor_Logo.jpg

Nashville, TN Safe-T-Cover announces their strategic alliance with REPCOR as manufacturer's representative for the Northern California and Northern Nevada territories. Repcor is an industry leading representative in the Plumbing, Waterworks, Irrigation and Fire segments, and is an excellent addition to the Safe-T-Cover sales team."Dean Cummings, Dave Johnson and the entire staff at Repcor is nationally known for their excellence as a manufacturer's representative," said Cary Wiley, National Sales Manager for Safe-T-Cover. "Their experience and level of proven success is unparalleled in Northern California and Nevada and we are proud to welcome them to the Safe-T-Cover family." Repcor will be responsible for sales, market share growth and specification development for the entire Safe-T-Cover product line.

Safe-T-Cover is a domestic manufacturer of industrial enclosures for above-ground installations of backflow preventers, valves, and pump systems.

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