How Do You Cover A Well Pump?

Well pumps are typically found on residential properties in rural areas and in some commercial applications. The purpose of the well pump is to deliver water from the well, or source of water, to the household or designated water system. A typical well water pump system is made up of a water pump, casing, control box, pressure switch, and pressure tank. All of these components are crucial in keeping water flowing to its designated location(s) and need to be protected from weather, critters, and vandalism. So how do you cover a well pump?

We’ve seen many clever and interesting examples of how to cover well pumps. Everything from building a well pump cover out of wood to using an old flipped over rowboat! While these are indeed some clever ways to cover a well pump, we suggest a more effective route using an insulated, pad-lockable, aluminum enclosure. Well Pump-2An insulated well pump cover is a great way to protect your pump equipment from the elements. It will keep vandals and any critters from accessing your equipment and can even help with noise reduction.

Using the well pump cover pictured here as an example, you’ll notice a few features. First, the cover is made from individual insulated aluminum panels that are assembled on the project site. There is no need to rent a crane to lift and then place the cover over the well pump equipment. Next, the pump cover has two removable and pad-lockable access panels to allow easy access for maintenance but still keep the equipment inside safe from vandals. Another nice feature of this well pump cover is its hinged roof that provides some additional headroom when maintaining or adjusting the well pump. Finally, the insulated well pump cover is securely mounted to the concrete slab using the provided mounting hardware.

In addition to the pump cover, you may want to also consider the addition of other items like a heater, ventilation, and power failure monitors.

The main reason our customers tell us they need a well pump cover is for protection. You don’t have to leave your well pump exposed. If you’d like to find a well pump cover for your equipment, contact me directly by clicking on the link below.


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