Air Cooler Enclosure Solves End-User Problem

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 2.08.46 PM-2Safe-T-Cover had the opportunity to partner on a unique project. The end-user is a power plant in the southern United States with an air cooler used to cool processed water. At times in the winter months, there was no need for the air cooler and water in the tube bundles would freeze.  The end user built a plastic barrier and used kerosene heaters to keep the bundles from freezing, but sought a better, long-term solution.

pic 1 entergy air coolerWorking with the end-user, we determined that an enclosure measuring 120” wide x 300” long x 140” tall would be the appropriate size. Our design included locations for eight access panels for maintenance and four 35” x 60” louvers were selected to provide the appropriate amount of intake for the air coolers. Several thermostatically-controlled slab-mounted heaters were installed to maintain the ideal temperature.

The industrial air cooler enclosure was installed in fall 2021 and all reports from our customer indicate that the enclosure is perfectly-suited for its purpose. No more tube bundle freezing!

pic 3 entergy air coolerThis project is one example of the flexibility offered in a panel design enclosure. Lengths and widths can be easily adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the project. This project is also an example of how a product historically used in the drinking water industry can be used for many different types of industrial applications, including pump covers and compressor covers.  Safe-T-Cover has the in-house design expertise to solve any waterworks enclosure problem.

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