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Need to Disguise An Aluminum Shelter? It's simple with Landscaping

Posted by Craig Carmon on January 11, 2018

One of the easiest ways to make an aluminum enclosure more attractive is to design landscaping around it that hides it. This can be done before installation or even after, making it the easiest way to diminish an enclosure after it's already in place. We notice on most new construction projects that the landscaping for the enclosure was not thought about in the landscaping package. The building, parking lots, dumpsters and main entrance all seem to have well thought out landscaping design. But then there sits the aluminum shelter with little if any landscaping. Watch the video below to see a few projects where the enclosures were thought about in the landscaping package and are nicely disguised. One example hides 5 different enclosures, can you guess which one?

So the next time the architect or building owner complains about a big shiny box, encourage them to provide landscaping and the aesthetics will no longer be an issue. This isn't the only way to make an aluminum shelter more attractive, learn three more ways here.

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