How To Size A Custom Backflow Enclosure

If you’re in need of a custom backflow enclosure and don’t know where to start, it’s simpler than you think. Begin with a sketch of the type of enclosure you’re looking for. By drawing it out, you can make sure your equipment enclosure is a perfect size. 

This is important because the biggest factor that impacts the cost of the enclosure is the size. Oftentimes people will buy an enclosure that’s too big for their equipment, thinking that it’s better than having one that is too small that you’d have to send back. But a perfectly-sized aluminum enclosure should be what you’re after. 

So here’s a very easy first step you can take every time to get the right size for your backflow enclosure. 

Backflow Enclosures Typically Begin With a Sketch

If you know you’re dealing with a waterworks project and have some idea of the components and configuration that you want, you’re already on the right track to finding the perfect-sized enclosure. 

The easiest way to get your project off the ground is to draw a sketch of the type of enclosure that you’re looking for. You can even draw in potential locations, access panels for maintenance, and piping penetrations. Our design experts will collaborate with you and use the information to develop a best practice layout for your equipment.

Watch this short video to see how you can begin the design process and get the perfect equipment enclosure for your needs. It will show you what you should include in your hand sketch and where to send it. In many cases, you’ll be contacted the same day. 

Safe-T-Cover can provide a quote within half a day, and drawings and specifications within a full day. Creating a simple sketch like this also will help speed up the process.

If a standard-size enclosure doesn’t meet your needs, we can build it to an exact dimension. Our panel design allows us to build both very large and small enclosures, including some as large as 20’ wide x 40’ long x 15’ tall. 

A short discussion with one of our custom enclosure specialists could help to optimize the size and potentially reduce the cost for you.  Or you can also check out our free guide: “How to Buy a Custom Enclosure.” This new checklist is designed to walk you through all the necessary steps for designing and buying a backflow enclosure. We offer a flexible design to meet your specific needs. 

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