2023’s Wild Weather and Our Renewed Commitment to Water 2050

Throw a dart at a 2023 calendar and there’s a good chance there was an extreme weather event taking place in North America on whatever day that dart hit.

We’re not talking about strong thunderstorms or an occasional Canadian clipper; these are extreme events, once outliers, that are increasingly reflective of environmental impact. 

Whether it was another Arctic blast in Texas, wildfires in Canada and Hawaii, an unusually active tropical storm season, torrential rainfalls and flooding in Southern California, drought in the Upper Midwest and northeast, a new heat dome over the American southwest or a series of unusually violent tornadoes ripping through the Ozarks and the Gulf Coast, 2023 brought extreme weather to every part of the continent.

Regardless if you call it climate change or the effects of pollution, the undeniable fact is that these devastating new patterns should prick our consciences and compel us to be more responsible stewards of our communities and our planet.

Safe-T-Cover's response

At Safe-T-Cover, we’ve been committed to stewardship of the land and our resources for a long time. Part of why we offer industry-leading aluminum waterworks enclosures is so you can protect your property, as well as our most sensitive natural resource: the water supply. Our products are sustainably sourced and can even contribute to LEED certification on designated projects.

For this reason, we were eager to join the AWWA’s Water 2050 initiative unveiled in 2022: a bold vision for increasing the number of voices and perspectives on protecting and preserving water for generations to come. Through advances in technology, a commitment to sustainability through personal decisions and regulatory compliance, and seeking new insights from a more diverse organization and stakeholders outside the organization, Water 2050 is an unwavering commitment to the future of water. 

It will take a unified effort to stem the tide of climate change and to embrace a future where responsibility for our resources is shared and upheld. Through education, advances in technology, fresh perspectives from new voices in and around AWWA and just plain honest, everyday commitment from people like you and me to take care of our property and planet, we can make a difference.

Make Safe-T-Cover Part of Your Plan to Protect Our Natural Resources

An aluminum enclosure is so much more than some insulated box; it’s a commitment to protecting water, property and, in no small part, the environment. Contact me to discuss Safe-T-Cover’s commitment to environmental stewardship and Water 2050. I’d love to share with you our passion for protecting water and preserving nature for future generations.

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