Protection in All Seasons: Fans and Louvers for Your Safe-T-Cover Enclosure

Now that winter has given way to spring, it’s understandably tempting to exhale, knowing your water pump was protected from winter’s worst by an insulated aluminum enclosure with slab-mounted heat. Summer presents its own host of potential problems, though, which is why you should consider adding an exhaust fan or louvers to your Safe-T-Cover enclosure.

That insulation that protects in the winter can be a double-edged sword – what keeps equipment thawed and operational in the winter can contribute to overheating during long summer days. Providing airflow and heat dissipation to your water pump or valve ensures it remains as capable under August sun and heat as it is during January’s polar vortexes and Canadian clippers. 

What’s more, in an era when equipment is increasingly equipped with advanced technology or connected to the Internet of Things, not having adequate heat dissipation is like leaving a laptop or cell phone in a car during a heatwave.

We’ve long advocated for backflow preventers and waterworks equipment to be stored above ground and in one of our enclosures. It’s one of our main rallying cries: Think Outside the Vault! One reason why vaults are a bad idea, and one that municipalities and states are actively moving away from in their utility codes, is that they flood, which is dangerous for people and property alike.

pumplouverIf you’ve ever let a cast iron pan sit in your kitchen sink with water in it, you know it doesn’t take long or much for moisture to start turning that iron into rust. Condensation and humidity may not seem like much, but it can be a threat to your pump or backflow’s proper operation. Installing an exhaust fan and louvers can help keep your equipment in optimal operating condition and prevent the slow progression from rust to equipment failure from beginning in the first place. And, if you’ve ever lost a cell phone to a pool or lake or, let’s be honest, a toilet, you know what moisture can do to electronics.

Another benefit to equipping your enclosure with ventilation features is preventing dust or other contaminants from accumulating inside. In the same way that condensation and rust can harm your water pump or backflow or other sensitive equipment, dust and debris can clog pumps or otherwise interfere with proper function. An exhaust fan will provide negative pressure to move contaminants through and out of the enclosure.

When you speak with a Safe-T-Cover design specialist or sales representative about an aluminum enclosure solution, they’ll discuss your specific scenario and recommend features like an exhaust fan or louvers, as well as proper placement, to ensure you’re not just providing protection from the elements or from theft or damage, but will assure peak year-round performance and reliability.

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