backflow Enclosure Freeze Protection

Safe-T-Cover offers heaters for aluminum enclosures to maintain freeze protection in even the harshest environments. To keep your device at a steady, warm temperature, you should consider a slab-mounted heater. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about heating aluminum enclosures.

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Learn more about the benefits of even heat distribution with a patented Safe-T-Cover slab-mounted heater, ASSE 1060-certification and how heated enclosures help prevent backflow preventers from freezing. 


Will I need heat for the enclosure?
What types of heaters are available and how do they work?
How much heat do I need and what voltages are available?
What happens if the power fails?
How is temperature controlled? Where is the thermostat installed?


Model Number Mount Voltage Wattage BTUH Amps Length (in.) Specification Submittal Assembly Instructions List Price Sheet
Chromalox-30 Cable 120 90 0 0.75 18.00 Specification Submittal Instructions $122.00
HCH2000-120 Slab 120 2000 6824 16.66 37.00 Specification Submittal Instructions Not Sold Separately
HCH2000-240 Slab 240 2000 6824 8.33 37.00 Specification Submittal Instructions Not Sold Separately
HCHS1000-120 Slab 120 1000 3413 8.33 23.00 Specification Submittal Instructions Not Sold Separately
HCHS1000-240 Slab 240 1000 3413 4.16 23.00 Specification Submittal Instructions Not Sold Separately
HCHS500-120 Slab 120 500 1707 4.16 23.00 Specification Submittal Instructions Not Sold Separately
Chromalox-HVT-2411W Wall 120 2000 6824 16.66 28.00 Specification Submittal Instructions $850.00
King-U12100-SS Wall 120 1000 3412 8.33 17.00 Specification Submittal Instructions $619.00

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"Excellent, I must say I have been doing this for almost 20 years and you guys are a pleasure to deal with."

Casey F. New York

"We had an RPZ failure at the school I work at due to recent weather conditions here on Long Island. We have Hot Box wall heaters in our enclosures and the heat was not being distributed evenly. The floor-mounted heat sheet Safe-T-Cover offers would do a much better job."

Joe M. New York

"The piping layout and enclosure sizing is awesome. It will make my life a little easier putting the finished product together."

Fire Protection Engineer Rhode Island

"Safe-T-Cover provides the best answers and the fastest responses."

Distributor Washington state

"You have really helped and I will be forwarding your information along to our facilities manager to move forward with a little more detective work. I appreciate your time and effort, and we will be in touch."

Procurement Specialist California

"Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly."

Civil Engineer Ohio

"WOW!!!!! Thank you. You guys are great. Seriously, you always ship within the quoted time. We appreciate the hard work."

Waterworks Distributor Midwest

"I’ve dealt with Hot Box and AquaShield in the past and they do not pack enclosures like you do! Safe-T-Cover does a great job. I had an AquaShield a year or so ago that was beat all to hell because of the packing, and the panels bounced around allowing the handles on the doors to dent the panels packed on top. It was an absolute nightmare to try and get fixed. I don’t have that problem with you!"


"Thank you again for all your help. Safe-T-Cover has some good quality customer service and that goes a long way with me."

Contractor Las Vegas, NV