How the Latest Infrastructure Bill Could Affect Backflow Protector Regulations

backflow enclosure 0008An agreement was recently reached on an infrastructure bill for various projects such as roads, bridges and drinking water and wastewater systems, among other efforts. The investments are expected to create more than 2 million jobs per year.

While many details of the bill are not available yet, what we do know is that $50 billion has been allocated to water infrastructure, and $55 billion has been allocated to funding for clean drinking water. This will include replacing lead pipes and service lines around the country.

The bill aims to improve water system upgrades in an effort to clean up our water sources as the result of the Flint, MI, water crisis. It is the largest investment in clean drinking water in American history and will bring clean water to the areas that need it most.

So what does this mean for Safe-T-Cover? Above-ground backflows last longer. Backflows installed below ground can contaminate the drinking water supply. Meters, valves, pump systems and backflows should be designed and installed above ground in protective enclosures.  Safe-T-Cover engineers have written and designed numerous standard details and specifications that would increase the cost-effectiveness of future water industry projects.  The improvements made will enhance water and wastewater efficiency and research, training and information can be provided to those in the industry.

Section 205 of the bill is a clean water infrastructure resiliency and sustainability program, while Section 210 mentions clean water state revolving funds, which will provide for the improvements being made. Section 211 is the water infrastructure and workforce investment. These sections will ensure the proper planning, financing and installation of important devices to provide clean water to America. Safe-T-Cover's enclosures will help protect these devices from dangerous weather and vandalism.

We’ll continue to monitor the progress of this bill and the positive impacts it will have on backflow protector regulations.

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