Top 5 Questions When Mounting an Enclosure to a Pump Skid

Mounting an enclosure (or kiosk) to a pump skid can present some challenges and may take some planning. Here are five common questions we receive on how to mount an enclosure to a pump skid along with some helpful recommendations and answers to each.

  • I see your enclosures typically mount to a concrete slab. Can they be mounted to a metal pump skid?

They can just as easily be mounted to a steel skid. All we will need to help in this process are the dimensions of the skid, the type of channel the perimeter of the skid is made from (C-channel or I-beam style), and if the skid has a solid floor. A drawing of the skid is always very helpful if there is one available as well.

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  • What type of mounting bracket(s) do you use?

The type and style of mounting bracket we recommend will depend on the makeup of the skid. For example, does the pump skid have a solid floor? If so, our standard mounting brackets work very well. If the skid does not have a solid metal floor but the width of the channel is wide enough, we may still be able to use our standard mounting bracket. If the width of the channel isn’t wide enough and there isn’t a solid floor to mount to, we have other methods to secure them utilizing angle or pieces of flat metal that bolt to the skid. Either way, it is no problem! Another item that is important for us to know is where the pump skid will be installed. Some areas of the country require enclosures to withstand certain wind loads. We have multiple mounting bracket options with the strongest being able to withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

  • Are you able to install your enclosure on our skid at your shop?

We are capable of installing on skids at our shop, but we find that most of our customers prefer to do the installation themselves at their shops. This allows for a little more flexibility in the case of last-minute changes in the positioning of equipment or project design. We also recommend piping penetrations be done on-site by the installing contractor for similar reasons.

  • Will the enclosure’s exterior be flush with the edge of the skid?

We are happy to size the enclosure so that it sits on the pump skid however you would prefer. Something to keep in mind: The method of securing the enclosure to the skid will be different depending on the type of channel being used. The width of the top of the channel is also an important detail we will need to know in order to recommend the best mounting brackets and hardware.


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  • What wind speeds are your enclosures rated for when mounted to a skid?

We understand that pump skids are sometimes located on building rooftops or in windy locations. We recommend skids located on rooftops or that are exposed to high winds be made of steel and not wood. Wooden skids do not make for a good foundation to mount an enclosure to, especially in high wind situations. Depending on the required wind load for that area, we have mounting hardware that is certified to withstand winds of up to 130 mph.



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