Not Fooling Anyone: Fake Rock Utility Covers Hide Nothing in Plain Sight

Generally speaking, protecting waterworks is no laughing matter, especially when cross-connection and backflow incidents can cause serious illness, property damage to property, harm to the ecosystem and cost thousands of dollars in restitution. But when we saw this post on Reddit about faux rock utility covers, we couldn’t help ourselves.

A neighborhood where literally every house has the fake rock well cover, making them look significantly less like rocks.

Deploying one or two of these large fake rocks might make sense, but one in every yard in a subdivision? Let’s be honest: you’re not fooling anyone. Even the Reddit comment section gets it:

Fake Rock Utility Cover Doesn't Work

We’ve discussed the problem with faux rock enclosures several times here over the years: They’re manufactured with materials that aren’t built to last. They’re not particularly secure. And, as this Redditor points out, once you notice them for what they are, well, what is seen cannot be unseen.

And for thieves looking for opportunities to strip equipment for scrap metal, these aren’t disguises in the landscaping – they’re welcome mats.

Send the Right Message

These fake rocks might be a cheap short-term stopgap, but they’re wholly inadequate as a sustainable solution for any considerable length of time. A typical faux rock cover is typically made of fiberglass or plastic, which fades, deteriorates and cracks over time. They won’t survive serious impact, threatening the cover and everything under it. And, as another commenter notes, fiberglass and plastic’s shared lack of breathability is conducive to mold and bacteria growth underneath.

Long story short: a faux rock cover sends every wrong message.


If you’re going to secure and protect your backflow preventer, water pump or irrigation system, do it with an enclosure that was installed with intent. Don't hide your utilities; secure them with something that looks like it's supposed to be there.

Setting aside our obvious bias for our products, wouldn’t a straightforward Safe-T-Cover enclosure in standard Hartford Green or Slate Grey colors be a better option than any of the colors in those photos?

Let’s look at the reasons Safe-T-Cover would be the preferred choice here (or anywhere):

Actually, Deter Theft and Vandalism

As mentioned before, a faux rock cover may fool the average passerby, but for those looking to steal or vandalize, fake rocks don't blend in with landscapes and are a billboard telling everyone where the goods are. Puts a whole new spin on hide and seek, don't you think?

Safe-T-Cover enclosures are mounted onto a concrete slab and secured with our available patented MUNI-LOK vault key solution. Constructed with marine grade aluminum and braced with sturdy, sustainably harvested California redwood, these enclosures won’t compromise under severe weather conditions or to would-be thieves, vandals or critters.

Backflow EnclosureSuperior Year-Round Valve Protection

From winter’s worst to sweltering summer sun, Safe-T-Cover won’t fade, crumble or fail over time. Each enclosure panel has sealed-in insulation, available ventilation options and enclosures can be outfitted with our exclusive slab-mounted heater. 

Peace of mind, inside and out, 365 days a year.

Enclosures Built To Last

You expect your commercial or residential building to last for years to come, like a good stock, it’s a long-term investment in your business or family. Take the same care with your waterworks by installing an enclosure that can withstand the elements for up to 30 years or more.

Those fake rocks will likely have to be replaced twice before the kids go off to college.

Easy Inspection and Servicing

Backflow Enclosure With Removable Panel. Once the enclosure is open, Safe-T-Cover’s modular panels can be removed for easy servicing and repair. No awkward bending, craning your neck or banging your head on the roof. And, if a panel is damaged, only that panel needs to be replaced, rather than having to order an entire new package.

Standard Enclosure Sizes In-Stock and Ready to Ship

Our enclosures are manufactured right here in our Nashville, Tennessee facility, with standard two-week turnaround ship times for standard, in-stock sizes and colors. That's the best turnaround time in the industry.

Safe-T-Cover: Long-Term Enclosure Solutions for Those With Long-Term Vision

We hope the residents of that subdivision don’t experience trouble with their faux rock or the utility equipment underneath. But short-sighted thinking tends to result in stopgap decisions, pragmatic to the point of being counterproductive. 

Safeguarding your utilities is nothing to joke about. If you’re already thinking about how to best protect your well pump, irrigation system or backflow preventer, you’re on the right track! Use our sizing guide to find the precise Safe-T-Cover enclosure for your needs and you might be surprised to find that the best and most durable solution on the market is at a more cost-effective price point than you think.

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