Installing RPZ Valves Safely - Let's Break it Down

More and more water jurisdictions across the US are requiring the use of the RPZ instead of the double check. RPZ valves offer better protection to the water supply. With this added protection comes the additional work of specifying and installing reduced pressure zone valves in a safe place. Over the years, we've learned most designers just aren’t aware the relief valve could dump large volumes of water into the building. And those that did were incorrectly assuming the drain installed below the valve would be sufficient. This lack of awareness puts the building at risk of flooding if the relief valve opens. Here's a simple infographic to help break down the RPZ valve problem.

RPZs Inside or Outside.jpg

Please feel free to share this infographic and help us promote clean water and safe drinking water practices. You can link to this blog post or we have provided a PDF version as well and you can find it by clicking here. You can also click the following link to read about and watch an RPZ backflow preventer discharging water safely in an enclosure.

Best Practices in Backflow Prevention & Protection

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