Should I Cover My Well Pump? (Well Pump Cover Ideas)

anatomy-of-well-pump-coverShould I use a well pump cover? In short, the answer is yes!

Well pumps play a vital role in delivering water from the well to wherever it is needed. Properly covering expensive well pump equipment with a pump cover or enclosure protects it from the elements and potential vandals. Keeping equipment covered can also help extend well equipment's useful life.

Insulated Well Pump Covers Protect From the Elements

Using a well pump cover will protect equipment from weather and the elements, which is probably its most important feature. Well pumps use sensitive equipment like control boxes, electric motors and pressure switches that shouldn't be exposed to the elements. Regardless of where you live, you should install a cover that has the strength and integrity to stand up to wind and rain and can handle potential snow loads.

Creative Ways to Hide a Well Pump to Defend Against Theft & Vandalism

Well pump equipment is also be susceptible to theft and vandalism. It's not uncommon for a well to be located long distances from a home or business it services. Providing a lockable well pump cover deters theft and anyone from tampering with the equipment. If the well pump is located out of sight, a power failure alarm that can notify you by phone or push notification might be useful.

Accessibility to equipment is also key. Well pump systems use multiple pieces of equipment that need to be accessible for maintenance and repairs. It's very important that the well pump cover allows for easy access inside for inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement. Having a removable roof or panels on the pump cover is also a good idea.

Choosing the Right Well Pump Cover Solution

The pump filtration system sits on a concrete slab and is comprised of a small pressure tank, electronic pressure and safety switches, piping that leads to and from the well and the pump itself. 

Many times, it turns out that one of our standard enclosure models will perfectly match the application — no customization needed. We are also happy to work closely with customers when custom enclosures are called for.

Easy Access Is a Must

For a project like the one pictured above, you can choose a pump enclosure with two large, removable and pad-lockable access panels, one on the front and one on the back, as well as a hinged roof. The panels and roof provide the needed access to equipment for maintenance with some additional headroom.

Well Pump Covers and Heat

Heat removal is typically a top priority when enclosing pumps. Constantly running pumps generate heat that needs to be dissipated. High temperatures will damage electronic control panels and cause equipment to overheat. In this case, we would suggest adding a fan and louvers to remove it. For this particular case, however, the well pump is on the smaller side and doesn’t continually run, hence less concern with the potential for heat build-up.

Insulated Well Pump Covers for Cold Weather

On the other hand, consider the part of the country in which the well pump is being installed. You will need to know the amount of heat required to maintain a reasonable (and code compliant) temperature inside the enclosure. The type of heater and its location within the enclosure will also be important. Heaters need to be positioned out of the equipment's way, making performing routine maintenance hassle-free.

Well Pumps Need Power

Finally, since many rely on well pumps to provide their main source of water, adding a power failure and temperature monitor makes a lot of sense. Some monitors come equipped with a strobe light and sound an alarm when there is power loss or the temperature exceeds a set point. This type of monitor is ideal where there is a lot of foot traffic and the alarm can be easily noticed. For remote areas or where foot traffic is light, we suggest a monitor that will call or message if power is lost or the temperature dips below a certain threshold.

You Should Cover Your Well Pump With Safe-T-Cover

There's no question well pump assemblies should be enclosed and protected to safeguard the water supply, equipment, property and people alike. With leading materials like marine-grade aluminum and sustainable, durable California redwood bracing, insulation that won't crack, crumble or compromise, modular design that makes inspection and repair easy, patented slab-mounted heaters and the MUNI-LOK vault key system, and technology that can notify you in case of any irregularities or failure, there's no reason to cut corners with cheap alternatives, do it yourself or settle for anything less than Safe-T-Cover. What's more, we deliver all of this at a price point that is more than competitive on the market.

Take a look at our well pump cover options or contact us for a custom quote today.

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