The Importance of Covers for Irrigation Control Valves

Whether it’s a park, a golf course, a farming operation or commercial landscaping, if it’s to stay green, it requires irrigation. In order for irrigation to happen efficiently and economically, the flow of water needs to be managed by a control valve system. That control valve system should be protected from unauthorized access or extreme weather conditions. It should be enclosed and secured with a Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosure.

aluminum enclosureOur ASSE 1060-rated modular aluminum enclosures can be designed to suit nearly any application. They are insulated to provide maximum protection from harsh winter weather when paired with an available slab-mounted heater. They’re braced with redwood, providing durable structural integrity underneath corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum. Our available patented MUNI-LOK vault key system ensures only the right people have access to your control valve equipment. 

Safe-T-Cover enclosures can be designed to stand out, with available colors and vinyl graphic wrapping. They can be designed to blend into environments, perfect for discreet use in and around landscaping.

As a sustainable and cost-effective solution, municipalities and water authorities throughout North America rely on Safe-T-Cover to provide enclosures for backflow preventers, control valves, fire suppression systems and irrigation control systems.

For golf courses, where valve systems control the watering of fairways, greens and grounds and are distributed across sizable footprints, Safe-T-Cover enclosures represent an economic alternative to constructing small pump houses throughout a property, while providing the same kind of superior protection offered by a built structure.

Regardless of application, if it needs to be green and growing, it needs a control valve managing water usage. And control valves should be protected from theft, unauthorized access and the weather. Enclosure orders are being turned around from our Nashville facilities within an industry-leading four weeks. 

Contact Safe-T-Cover today to review available options, or speak to a custom design professional about your particular enclosure needs.

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