Protect Your Control Valve Systems With a Safe-T-Cover Enclosure

There hasn’t been a facility built within the last 100 years that hasn’t needed some form of control valve as part of its infrastructure. Whether it’s keeping buildings safe or comfortable, or part of the production or manufacturing process, control valves are unheralded components toward so much of life, business and commerce today.

Water Treatment and Distribution

We’re pretty familiar with this here at Safe-T-Cover. Whether it’s a reduced pressure zone valve or double-check valve protecting the water supply from backflow and backsiphonage, controlling the flow of water in fire suppression systems and adjusting pressure in plumbing systems, maintaining appropriate water pressure for municipalities or controlling chemical agents in the water purification process, control valves make all of this possible.

Energy Generation

Control valves play a useful and essential role in energy production. By maintaining and regulating steam and other liquids used in power plants, these valves maintain ideal conditions for operations and efficiency.


While HVAC technology has advanced in recent years, the basic principle behind heating and air conditioning performance has remained relatively unchanged. Control valves are used in heating and cooling systems to sustain designated temperatures through heating or cooling coils. A faulty valve can result in inefficient performance and even HVAC unit failure. 

Chemical Processing

Control valves maintain chemicals’ flow throughout the production cycle. They help maintain preset parameters like composition or pressure, ensuring consistent byproducts and output.

Petrochemicals and Fuel Production

The oil and gas industries would be stuck in the 19th century without control valves. By regulating and sustaining pressure and flow, these valves are instrumental in the extraction, production and refining processes to make these fuels usable in everything from heating systems to fueling our vehicles to plastics production. 

Perhaps you’ve picked up on the common theme: consistency, efficiency and optimal performance. Advancements in technology are making control valves smarter, more productive and more efficient than ever, even when the basic principles behind flow regulation have remained relatively unchanged.

At Safe-T-Cover, we’re committed to consistency, efficiency and optimal performance in our modular aluminum enclosures. From standard sizing to large-scale custom applications, we’ve created enclosure solutions that work for nearly every control valve use case. 

Indoors or out, our insulated, marine grade enclosures provide superior protection against extreme conditions, insulation and optional fans and louvers to regulate enclosure temperatures, California redwood bracing for durable structural integrity and available alarm systems, our patented MUNI-LOK vault key locking mechanism and the ability to blend in or stand out with available colors from PAC-CLAD or custom vinyl wrapped graphics.

If you demand consistency and performance from your control valve systems, you should demand consistency and performance from the enclosure that protects it. Safe-T-Cover is the leading provider of enclosures for just about any industry. Contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see how we can provide an enclosure solution to suit your needs. 

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