Outdoor Pump Enclosures: Less Space, More Protection

Picture1Everyone has seen them, but not everyone knows what they are. Big, unsightly metal structures, even some that are brutalist, concrete houses. Outdoor pump enclosures tend to get a bad rap, but they don’t need to. Safe-T-Cover’s aluminum enclosures mean a smaller footprint, ease of maintenance and installation and peace of mind, knowing that your ​​pump systems are safe from both the elements and vandals.

Let’s start with why: Why are these enclosures typically so gigantic in the first place?

In most cases, pump "houses" are built because that's the way it's always been done. Bad habits started a long time ago in the pump industry and simply get repeated over and over.  Pump houses are built with lots of added room for moving around within the structure for perceived ease of maintenance. The unnecessarily larger construction requires a bigger footprint, bigger foundation and much more costly materials and labor time. These pump houses also require a separate engineer or architect to design them, in addition to the necessary housing applications and permits from the local inspection office.

pump4On the other hand, Safe-T-Cover’s aluminum enclosures are modular, meaning no trips down to city hall, no architect’s renderings and no red tape. In addition to compatibility with many pump and backflow preventer brands on the market, we can custom design a modular solution that meets your unique needs.

When it comes to the advantages of Safe-T-Cover’s aluminum enclosures, three immediately come to mind:

First, Safe-T-Cover enclosures are made with removable panels, so there's no need for additional room within the structure to move around. Simply remove the panel and have total access to your pump system for ultimate ease of maintenance. This also means there's no minimum distance requirement between the pump and the enclosure perimeter, giving you much lower profiles and smaller footprints and foundations.

Second, our marine-grade aluminum enclosures are built to last, designed to withstand the harsh elements - from Arctic blasts in Upper Midwest winters to southern heat and humidity in the dog days of summer - in ways that fiberglass and traditional houses can't. The traditional building materials of plywood and shingles will degrade much faster than our aluminum.

Lastly, Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures aren’t just designed around your pump, they’re designed to be designed on. From attractive wraps and artwork to colors that match your facility or brand palette, our work can be functional and fashionable, discrete or make a statement.

pump3When we consult on an enclosure solution, there are some contextual elements we want to consider: For example, we need to determine where you are and where the pump is situated on your property. Are you in a floodplain, where the pump needs to be mounted on a skid? Will there be a need for added insulation or a slab-mounted heater to protect the system from freezing conditions?

Finally, our team brings decades of experience and expertise in standard and custom-built enclosure solutions for all kinds of purposes. Our website has a full catalog of enclosures and detailed specifications for your review, and our staff is available online or by phone to help you along the way. Our certified engineers will work with you to create a solution that meets your needs. 

Whether it’s our conventional aluminum enclosures or a bespoke design, our Nashville-based team is with you every step of the way.

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