New Slideshare Series on Cross Connection Control and Waterworks

Managing Director of EnviroDesign Management Randy Holland has put together an in depth presentation on cross connection control, backflow preventer installation, and waterworks best practices. He has released it, sponsored by Safe-T-Cover, as a three part series. It is available online for free to help water purveyors, civil and mechanical engineers, architects, property owners and more stay informed about the changing industry. We've decided to put all three parts below for your convenience. The series focuses on three key facts: Water utilities are seeking more premise-isolation cross connection control. More containment systems are being specified as RPZ regardless of hazard threshold. The AWWA, ASPE, & the legal community recognize “outside aboveground” as ‘best practice’ for backflow installation.

This presentation focuses on the differences between DC and RPZ backflow preventers.

This presentation focuses on the current backflow preventer placement practices including utility vaults, indoors and backflow enclosures.

This presentation focuses on the increasingly popular move by public water systems to require RPZ backflow preventers on all water lines.

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Mr. Holland has been traveling across the United States meeting with design engineers and water municipalities for the past 4 years. He has gathered knowledge from all these views and more to create this uniquely complete presentation on cross connection control, backflow preventer installation, and waterworks best practices. On February 23rd, he will be the guest speaker for a Webinar on this very topic. If you design domestic water distribution systems, you need to hear this presentation. We invite you to join the discussion by clicking here or on the image below.
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