Backflow Enclosure

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Aluminum enclosures provide freeze and vandal protection for backflow preventers, pumps and valves. Learn more about pricing and product options.


A backflow enclosure is a practical and necessary solution to protect the water supply, comply with regulations, and enhance the aesthetics of the property.

Discover how our backflow cages can help protect backflow preventers or other small waterworks equipment as well as how they compare to aluminum enclosures.
Safeguard your water supply with backflow preventer covers. Learn why they're crucial and explore our quality solutions.


In the waterworks industry, custom enclosures are crucial. Discover the benefits and possibilities with Safe-T-Cover's expertly crafted aluminum solutions.


Pump box options and pump covers for any situation, providing protection and access to your equipment. Pump enclosures offer durable all-season protection.
This page will teach you everything you need to know about exploring the protection capabilities of control valve enclosures and why they're the ultimate protection for keeping backflow devices safe. 


Discover the ASSE 1060 compliant standard enclosures by Safe-T-Cover. Marine-grade aluminum offers top-notch protection for your waterworks equipment.


Backflow preventers were originally installed in utility vaults because people thought it was the safest place for them. We now know this is not the case.