Built to Prevent Enclosure Color Fading: The Science of Safe-T-Cover

When it comes to your pump or backflow enclosure aging, no one in the enclosure industry provides a product with the level of protection against color fading like Safe-T-Cover.

With apologies to Jack Palance, confidence never looked so good. Here’s why.

Protection against color fading is baked in, not painted on

Our manufacturing process mitigates color fading at the source. We partner with PAC-CLAD®, the biggest player in metal roofing materials in the United States. During manufacturing, they apply a pre-finished coating of 70% full polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to the aluminum and bake it in. PVDF was originally developed for use in abrasive environments, but are also ideally suited for waterworks, industrial uses or backflow preventer enclosures.

Polyvinyli-what? You may be more familiar with a similar thermoplastic: Teflon, which is in the same product group as PVDF. PVDF is used everywhere, from large-scale commercial kitchens (where it is FDA and USDA approved for use) to medical equipment to the development of semiconductors. 

There are no two ways around it: paint fades, especially in climates closer to seawater, where the air constantly eats away at painted surfaces and readily exposes metal. There’s a reason the Golden Gate Bridge is always being repainted.

Standard colors always ready to ship, custom fade-resistant color options available

Our four standard colors – Sierra Tan, Hartford Green, Military Brown and Slate Gray – are always in stock and ready for replacement if one of our panels ends up scratched or damaged. We offer more than 30 custom color options as well, which come at an added cost and are manufactured on-demand using the same trusted process as our core offerings.

No chipping, no fading, no risk of corrosion or rusting out. Provided proper upkeep and no damage to the enclosure panels, your investment in a Safe-T-Cover product should exceed 30 years from both functional and aesthetic standpoints.

That’s confidence. That’s Safe-T-Cover.

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