Safe-T-Cover Summer Road Trip: Trade Show Recap

download (1)Members of the Safe-T-Cover team spent part of their summer  attending some regional water industry trade shows.  Director of Operations CJ Monte attended the Kentucky/Tennessee AWWA Water Professionals Conference in Lexington, KY. This is a huge event, with dozens of exhibitors and hundreds of attendees from all over the country.

Since the conference is targeted towards water professionals, the majority of training sessions focused on water quality and best practices for municipalities delivering clean and healthy water to their customers throughout the region. Here are some other training sessions that stood out in safeguarding and advancing the protection of our precious water supply:

Communicating with New Americans & Non-English Speakers – Sonia Allman – MWS – Great tips on finding and keeping new employees in your area who do not speak English as their primary language.

Smart Sensor Applications in Water & Wastewater – John Abrera, Joseph Kamalesh – Stantec Consulting – Highlighted new technologies in the water industry, using internet connected monitors and high tech electronics to evaluate water quality.

Addressing the impacts of Aging Infrastructure – Jonathan Green, Rajat Chakraborti – Jacobs Engineering – Old and insufficient infrastructure affects virtually all of us, whether we realize it or not. The next 10-20 years will see massive changes to the nation’s infrastructure``.

Lead and Copper Rule Revisions – Mark Zito – Trinnex – These rules and guidelines are constantly changing and not keeping up with the changes could have devastating effects on your water quality.

Real Dangers of Permit-required Confined Spaces – Gary Yurt – Industrial Safety and Training Services – Of course, we preach the dangers of confined space entry every day, but Gary Yurt  highlighted the extreme precautions needed, as well as the high cost of properly entering a confined space. Better to install the equipment above ground in a quality Safe-T-Cover enclosure!

Sdownloadafe-T-Cover Vice President of Sales and Marketing Cary Wiley made his way to Denver for the Water Products and Services Association regional meeting. The show brings dozens of operators and water professionals from the Rocky Mountain region to discuss best practices in water quality and delivery. The training sessions included:

Backflow Preventer Installation and Protection – Cary Wiley – Safe-T-CoverDiscuss the dangers of confined space entry and the many benefits of installing backflow preventers, meters and control valves above ground in an ASSE 1060-certified enclosure.

Dead End Danger Zone – Robert Galvin – KupferleDetailed the dangers of uncirculated water in distribution system dead ends and how to locate and eliminate them with flushing stations.

Air Valve Basics – Kim Sorensen – A.R.I.A deep-dive educational session about the hydraulics of water inside a pipe, and how trapped air can wreak havoc on a distribution system. Air valves are crucial tools in managing the air within a water system and maintaining peak efficiencies.

Holly Link, water industry veteran and founder of National Water Products and Services said, “This is a great organization that is designed to assist water professionals and advance the protection of our water supply. We combine the manufacturers, distributors, contractors and professionals together to share ideas and work together for the good of the water industry.” You can contact Holly at National Water Products and Services at 719.661.3369.

Safe-T-Cover regularly attends and participates in trade shows and training sessions around the country.  Our team is committed to continuing education, sharing our expertise and keeping up with new technologies and trends that keep our precious water supply clean and safe. We hope to see you out there on the road soon!

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