What Feature On An Outdoor Pump Cover Will Excite You Most?


Outdoor pump covers come in a lot of shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to booster pumps. They can also be made from different materials. But there’s really only one feature you must have to keep you from living with the consequences of your design.

Before we get to the feature that will excite you the most, let’s talk safety. Above-ground, outdoor pump covers are the safest option you can choose. If your pump is installed in a vault, you’re exposing yourself and your pump to unnecessary risks, such as accessibility issues, flooding and confined spaces that put your employees at risk.

Safety always comes first, but there are also other pump cover features that stand out. Because your pump is outside, it must be protected. Bad weather, theft and vandalism are all damaging threats to your pump if it’s exposed. Which of the below features excites you the most?

Custom Sizing Saves You Money

One of the features of an outdoor pump cover you’ll like is the sizing options. You can customize your enclosure design to fit your needs and base it on the size requirements of your equipment. That means a custom enclosure may be less expensive than a standard one.

A standard enclosure may contain too much space. If your enclosure is larger than it needs to be, you’re wasting money by paying for something you don’t need.

Your piping penetrations will also be cut on site. This ensures they’ll be in the right spot.

Outdoor Pump Covers Can Be Heated

If you’re pushing fluids through your pump or it is housed in a cold-climate area, you’ll need heat. Heating the interior of your enclosure helps keep fluids (or your water) warm, which helps increase the efficiency of your pump. It also prevents freezing.

But this is not the outdoor pump cover feature that excites people the most.

Outdoor Pump Covers With Removable Roofs

The feature on an outdoor pump cover that gets people most excited is the accessibility newer designs provide.

Let’s start with the roof. If you’re planning to use a pre-fabricated pump house, you can run into trouble. Here’s how.

Typically, if something inside your enclosure needs fixing or replaced, the only way to get at it is to move the entire structure. If your pump cover has a fixed roof, or is made of molded fiberglass, it will not be well-suited for large-scale maintenance. You may even need a crane to get the job done.

Newer outdoor pump covers have a roof that can be lifted or removed altogether. This makes it easier to not only get to your pump but if for some reason it ever needs to be replaced, it makes the job simpler.

Panels and Doors Give You Easy Access

The best outdoor pump covers also provide space for your technicians to work. The best way to create the space they need is with doors or panels for easy access.

Newer designs are shipped in pieces. The panels are put together on site and in no time at all.

And as fast as the panels are put together, they can also be taken apart. This provides for maximum accessibility and safety.

To make it easier to maintain and test your equipment, a removable panel will be placed in front of your control panels. If the panel is not removable, it will be hinged. Easy access is critical, especially if you’re installing emergency pumps for fire sprinkler systems. They typically have to be tested at least once a week.

Some manufacturers can even provide panels that are detachable for equipment replacement considerations. In fact, the entire length of one or more sides of your equipment enclosure can sometimes be made of removable access panels.

If you’re in need of an outdoor pump cover for your equipment, we can help. We can customize it to your specifications, and we can ship it to you in three weeks or less. Our guide “How to Design and Buy a Pump Enclosure” will get you started.

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