Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosure Pillar Page 1In a rapidly evolving waterworks industry, the need for custom enclosures has never been greater. Whether safeguarding critical utility equipment from theft or weather, finding the perfect fit that balances functionality, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery may seem intimidating.

At Safe-T-Cover, we understand the challenges you face in striking this delicate balance. With years of expertise in crafting custom enclosures, we're here to help you make the right enclosure decisions for your project: the benefits, processes and nearly limitless possibilities of custom aluminum enclosures.

Custom Enclosure Sizing

In many cases, particularly with pumps and backflow enclosures, sizing is standardized; we have an entire catalog of options to fit many major valve and backflow OEMs. Beyond standard sizing, though, our design team has worked with clients across industries on custom projects for decades. We’re capable of developing cost-effective, quality, made-to-specs aluminum enclosures all in a timeframe that will likely surprise you. In many cases, you can have your tailor-made enclosure shipped to your job site within four weeks.

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Custom Valve Cover Enclosures

Custom Enclosure Pillar Page 6We’ve worked with water authorities and districts across North America to meet their valve cover needs. For example, Columbia County, Georgia had exact standards and requirements to fulfill for all their valve cover enclosures throughout the county, from color to sizing to meeting local policy for adherence purposes. We were able to meet those precise needs and provide them with attractive green enclosures that provided security and protection while also attaining county standards.

Pump Enclosure Solutions

Pumps need protection from the elements and ventilation to keep them running optimally. They’re also noisy and may require sound dampening. From small sizes for companion pumps to HVAC units to large outdoor pump house-style enclosures, we can develop a solution that looks great, protects your property and even minimizes disruption to neighbors, all at a cost that beats construction (and no permits!)

Custom Aluminum Enclosures Vs Plastic Enclosures or Cages

Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures are made with marine grade aluminum, California redwood bracing and leading insulation installed directly onto the panel. They’re durable, environmentally conscious, can protect against nearly any winter weather situation in North America and provide easy access for service, repair or inspection.

Plastic and fiberglass deteriorate over time, steel will rust or corrode, cages provide no shielding from harsh weather and expose the equipment to anyone looking, and only come in standard sizes which offer no flexibility. An aluminum enclosure is superior to all other options at a comparable cost and offers the flexibility needed.

Custom Enclosure Pillar Page 4Enclosure Accessories

Custom enclosure accessories provide the finishing touch to optimize functionality and convenience in your custom enclosure solution. From ventilation components to specialized mounting brackets, alarm systems and locking mechanisms, these accessories enhance the efficacy of your enclosure. Our range of enclosure accessories ensure seamless integration with your unique enclosure design, allowing you to address specific needs and challenges. Whether it's ensuring proper airflow, access space for effective service and maintenance, organizing internal components, preventing theft, these accessories reflect our commitment to delivering comprehensive enclosure solutions that not only safeguard your equipment but also elevate its performance in any environment, indoors or out.



What is the lead time for custom enclosures?

We can fulfill most custom enclosure requests within four weeks, far faster than standard construction projects.


Are aluminum enclosures better quality than plastic or cages?

Without question! Plastic fades and brittles, while cages provide no freeze protection and let anyone know what’s inside them, making them a target for thieves even when the equipment inside is not particularly valuable. A Safe-T-Cover enclosure, with its applied insulation, California redwood bracing and modular design, can last for up to and even beyond 30 years.


What parts can I customize?

Beyond size, we can adjust the door location or access panel size, style and quantity (some projects require multiple doors for multiple ‘rooms’, handles, fans and louvers and lighting.) We’ve developed innovative custom solutions for numerous use cases. If there’s a challenge, there’s a good chance our design team can solve it!


Does Safe-T-Cover handle the installation after I purchase the enclosures?

We provide all installation instructions and materials to assemble your enclosure. Unfortunately, we do not provide installation services. Here’s a video that shows how easy it can be to install one.


What styles and colors does Safe-T-Cover offer?

Our enclosure panels come in four standard, ready-to-ship colors, with the ability to order nearly 50 other colors (added cost applies).


Am I limited to a certain number of modifications when I customize?

While modifications can be accounted into custom enclosure projects, every individual modification request both resets turnaround timeframes and may affect the quote provided. We understand that every custom project may require shifts on the fly, and we’re always happy to work with you when those situations arise.

There is a final sign-off, though, on designs and quotes. Once that sign-off is obtained, no further adjustments to the project can be made.


What components can be protected from the elements using aluminum enclosures?

Our enclosures are ASSE 1060 certified, and we’ve covered backflow preventers, water valves and pumps, glycol pumps, quench tanks, fire suppression systems, and irrigation equipment…if it’s related to waterworks, there’s a good chance we can design an enclosure to cover it!


Can you add painting, branded printing or drawings to the finished product?

The color of your enclosure is baked in during the manufacturing process. We do not recommend painting enclosure panels, but we do provide optional vinyl wrap that can be customized with graphics and designs to make for an aesthetic appearance and even bonus advertising space. We think our enclosures look pretty good on their own, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


What accessories does Safe-T-Cover offer?

We offer slab-mounted heaters, panels equipped with louvers and fans, mounting brackets, monitoring and alarm systems and our patented MUNI-LOK vault key system for municipalities.



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