Large RPZ Backflow Enclosure Case Study

Large RPZ Backflow Enclosure Case Study

Since introducing the Large Enclosure Series in Spring 2021, interest in and demand for these sizes has only grown. We’re seeing more and more designers selecting these models for large RPZ backflow projects. These enclosures provide the simplicity of modular design and ship to the jobsite as a ready-to-assemble kit. A three- or four-person contracting crew with conventional hand tools can install these enclosures in less than a day. What’s more, these enclosures save time and money when compared to building a structure using conventional construction methods.

The Issue

Piping layout inside an enclosure that includes a 12” inlet and outlet, 12” meter and strainer and dual 12” RPZ backflow preventers in Pennsylvania.

The Solution

We recently shipped model LES 180-312-144 for a large RPZ backflow project in Pennsylvania. This enclosure is 15 feet wide, 26 feet long and 12 feet tall. Yes, a 390 square foot enclosure! Big enough to live in!

The piping layout inside the enclosure includes a 12” inlet and outlet, 12” meter and strainer and dual 12” RPZ backflow preventers. The designer required four feet of clearance around the layout to provide access for annual testing as well as routine maintenance and repair. The RPZ backflow cover includes six lockable access panels for convenience. Three fan-forced heaters ensure the enclosure maintains a freeze-proof +40℉, even when the outside temperature reaches -30℉.

Above-ground enclosures are the best practice for RPZ backflow and meter installations. In this project, the designer selected an above-ground enclosure for both the RPZ backflow and the water meter. This is a growing trend as water jurisdictions and designers understand the risks associated with the confined space of a water meter vault.  

Contact us to discuss the above-ground enclosure advantage and the dangers of underground vaults.