What is a Standard Enclosure?

Protection for pumps, backflow preventers, valves and water meters

IMG_5324Safe-T-Cover’s entire production line of aluminum enclosures carry the seal of compliance for the ASSE 1060 standard. All covers shipped with our recommended slab-mounted heater conform to Class-1 standards. Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures will cover any backflow preventer from major manufacturers, as well as most valves and pump systems. If you need a made-to-order enclosure, take a look at information on our custom enclosures.

If you need submittals, instructions, specifications or drawings, you'll find them on each standard enclosure model.

Our aluminum enclosures ship in four standard colors. More colors available for an additional charge which come in .050 thickness.

Safe-T-Cover standard enclosures provide excellent protection for pumps, backflow preventers, valves and water meters. Featuring marine-grade aluminum, our industry-leading insulation, modular assembly and sustainable California redwood bracing, a standard enclosure is a solid investment in protecting your waterworks and your property.

Designed with leading major valve and pump manufacturers in mind such as Watts, Zurn, TigerFlow, and Patterson you can use our sizing guide to find the exact Safe-T-Cover enclosure to fit your assembly.

IMG_6080Design Considerations for Standard Enclosures

When making a decision on an enclosure for your needs, consider the following aspects:

Material Selection

From fiberglass to fake rock and steel cages, there are plenty of options when it comes to enclosure materials. Safe-T-Cover’s treated aluminum provides superior protection from weather and vandalism, while also boasting durability that can last 30 years or more.

Fiberglass deteriorates, cages are easily removed and steel corrodes and rusts over time. Constructing a pump house requires permits and the cost of materials and labor. Safe-T-Cover is the clear choice.

Size and Dimensions

As mentioned above, our standard enclosure sizing and dimensions are matched to leading industry OEMs. Use our self-guided sizing tool and find the exact enclosure for your needs! 

Ventilation and Cooling

Balancing the need for security against the need for proper conditions is essential for pumps and valves. Our insulated standard enclosure panels are able to be equipped with louvers and fans to dissipate heat in the summer, while insulation and our leading slab-mounted heaters protect from freezing conditions.


IMG_6073While any option with a lock provides accessibility to those who need it for servicing and inspection, only Safe-T-Cover’s modular aluminum enclosures provide maximum protection as well as freedom of movement around a pump or valve assembly. 

With our patented MUNI-LOK vault key system, municipalities and utility companies can have confidence their enclosures are secured and protected. 

Installation Guidelines

Installation of a Safe-T-Cover standard enclosure is easier than you think. All installation materials are shipped along with your order and assembling is quick and straightforward. 

We’ve provided an installation video for your review, as well.

If you have any other questions your enclosure, our design team is available to help as well.



What is a valve enclosure?

As the name implies, a valve enclosure provides security and or freeze protection for waterworks.


What is a backflow cage?

A backflow cage is conventionally thought of as the most cost-effective solution for backflow or valve enclosures. They provide no protection from winter weather and are documented as being exceptionally vulnerable to vandalism or theft.


How do you cover a backflow valve?

There are several options for covering backflow preventers: fiberglass, steel and aluminum are the most common materials as enclosures, fake rock or cages. Safe-T-Cover’s modular assembly requires little time and effort for exceptional protection.


Do I really need a backflow enclosure?

In a word: Yes!

You should have a backflow enclosure for the following reasons:

Compliance: Many municipalities require the installation of backflow preventer enclosures to comply with local codes and regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal liability and risk to public health.

Protection: A backflow enclosure protects backflow prevention assemblies from physical damage, vandalism, theft and exposure to the elements. It ensures that the equipment functions properly, maintaining water supply safety.

Convenience: Backflow enclosures provide convenient access for maintenance, inspection and testing of backflow preventer devices. They also make it easier to locate and identify the assemblies in case of emergency or repair.

Durability: Backflow enclosures are typically made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, wear and tear, and tampering. They are built to last for many years and require minimal maintenance. A rugged aluminum enclosure is as important an investment as it is in your backflow prevention equipment itself.

Using a backflow enclosure is a practical and necessary solution to protect the water supply, comply with regulations, ensure convenience and durability, and enhance the aesthetics of the property.


What accessories are needed for a backflow enclosure?

There are several common accessories that may be needed for your backflow enclosure:

Mounting hardware: We recommend mounting your aluminum enclosure to a concrete slab.

Locks or latches: After all, what good is an enclosure if it’s accessible to anyone? We recommend securing your enclosure with a lock, and in municipalities, with our patented MUNI-LOK vault key solution.

Access doors or panels: These provide a way to access the backflow prevention device for maintenance or inspection. 

Insulation: In any climate, insulation may be needed to regulate the temperature inside the enclosure, protecting the backflow prevention device.

Drainage: Backflow preventers dump a lot of water and adequate drainage is required by ASSE 1060.  All Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures have spring loaded drainage doors to keep intruders from coming in, but when necessary, let the water out.

Labeling: Depending on local codes and statutes, your enclosure may need to be labeled with information about the backflow prevention device and its installation.


How to size a backflow enclosure?

Use Safe-T-Cover’s sizing guide to find the exact dimensions for an enclosure to suit your equipment’s needs. Also take into consideration any local ordinances concerning cross-connection control and water safety.


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