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The Joyce Agency Releases Guide Together with Safe-T-Cover

Posted by Cary Wiley on Jan 30, 2017 2:06:00 PM
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Jan. 30, 2017 - Over the last several years municipalities and water purveyors have been evolving their standards for backflow prevention valves on commercial facilities.

The evolving guidelines are increasingly conservative - assigning higher risk profiles to applications and requiring reduced pressure zone (RPZ) type backflow prevention assemblies (BPA) for more applications.

There are several contributing factors, including:

• Increased awareness of backflow situations through AMI data
• Growing attention to conservation and environmental concerns
• Awareness regarding potential cross connection risks with traditional double check assembly (DCA) type BPAs

As attention focuses on the type of BPA that raises secondary questions regarding the optimal location. Water purveyors, civil engineers, building owners, contractors, fire departments, mechanical engineers and insurance underwriters are all increasingly attentive to the location of valves.

The body of "best practice" knowledge has mostly just been passed anecdotally within water districts. At Safe-T-Cover we hear snippets from districts all over the country, and we realized these were wide scale trends. So, together with the Joyce Agency we undertook to create a resource which would help anyone in the commercial plumbing and waterworks communities find a consolidated overview of these trends in a single guide.

The 15 page illustrated guide covers key topics including:

• Water supply safety
• Types of backflow and valves
• Approaches to backflow management
• Design risks
• Use cases
• Regulations and guidelines
• Common backflow installation locations
• Liability and risk considerations

This guide is designed for anybody who's specifying, buying, testing or relying on a commercial supply backflow prevention valve. It takes the reader through the changes, background rationale and factors, and the implications to their existing and future projects.

Cary Wiley of Safe-T-Cover was thrilled when The Joyce Agency signed on to help create and distribute this guide. "I've worked with The Joyce Agency for many years and have always been impressed with their mix of traditional sales methods combined with state of the art marketing tools and customer tracking models."

This backflow preventer installation resource guide is available for free download hereWater districts, engineers and others interested distributing this guide to their teams should contact Todd Joyce of The Joyce Agency or Cary Wiley to discuss options.

The Joyce Agency is located in Virginia and has represented the top manufacturers in Plumbing, Waterworks, Fire, Irrigation and HVAC for more than 30 years.  With a sales and engineering staff of more than 40 highly trained industry veterans, The Joyce Agency offers superior market coverage and expertise for all of their manufacturers. Please visit their website at

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