About Safe-T-Cover

HydroCowl, Inc. began selling freeze and vandal protective enclosures for pumps, water meters, control valves and backflow preventers through wholesale distributors in 1988. The company was formed by Dean and Patty Davenport through their 35+ years of experience in underground water systems and fire sprinkler systems construction experience. Through the years, Dean Davenport installed numerous large diameter backflow, water meter, control valve, and pumping systems. He eventually recognized the need for aboveground installation for safety of the inspection and maintenance personnel.

Our Enclosures

The aluminum enclosures are ASSE Standard 1060 certified and are built to last decades. We have more than 50 standard protective enclosure models to house backflow valves from any manufacturer such as Watts, Wilkins and Ames. We also can make a custom enclosure to your exact specifications. It takes about 4-5 weeks to manufacture a custom box. These custom enclosures can house any combination of meters, pumps, valves, and backflow preventers. Any of our covers can be outfitted with one of our patented slab-mounted heaters.

A Little History

The Safe-T-Cover trademarked name for the aluminum covers and heater products was incorporated in the mid 1990’s. Most people know us as Safe-T-Cover, but some still refer to us as HydroCowl. Safe-T-Cover manufacturers and warehouses our backflow preventer enclosures at 2710 Landers Avenue in Nashville, TN. You can learn more about our history here.

Safe-T-Cover is still a family owned business. We believe strongly in these core principles.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior construction
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast delivery