The sizing guide tool will help you find the perfect backflow preventer enclosure in seconds. Select your exact requirements or leave some boxes blank to see a variety of aluminum enclosures and find the smallest solution. You can even view details for the cover and in most cases, a drawing with the backflow preventer in the box.


Safe-T-Cover runs a blog about backflow prevention and the waterworks industry to keep you informed. Our goal is to help design engineers, property owners, architects, and water purveyors like you stay up to date on the latest backflow news. We cover topics ranging from isolation vs containment backflow prevention, to modular enclosure design, to what it's like to work in a vault according to a tester. The blog is updated weekly with all this and more.

Watch Videos

Need to know how to put together a Safe-T-Cover enclosure? There's a video for that. Want some information on backflow prevention best practices? There's a video for that. Want to watch an RPZ dumping water as it was designed to do? That's right - there's a video for that! Our library of videos is always growing as we work to keep you up to date on the industry. You can watch them anytime for free.

Read the Warranty

All of our enclosures and heaters come with a limited warranty. Click here to read the details.

ASSE 1060

There are five key categories in this ASSE standard. We've broken them down for you. All of our standard models are ASSE 1060 certified.


We have brochures with detailed information on our enclosures, heaters, and accessories.

Local Codes

Unsure what your water purveyor's codes and standard details are? We might have them in our collection.


Download drawings, specifications, and submittals for your enclosure.