Safe-T-Cover Different Applications


At Safe-T-Cover we're mostly engineers by training and personality.

We like to dig into the details of your applications; to design; and to plan. We like having the details and double checking to make sure nobody's missing an important factor that might complicate things when it's time to install an enclosure in the field - at that point time is money!

While it's natural for us to answer calls and emails from engineers, we also love the variety of projects we work on - and the diverse perspectives. Every buyer has a specific set of requirements - in some cases for a certain piece of equipment and enclosure; in other cases for a hassle free business relationship; and in others, they need someone to help them anticipate risks and issues.

We have information and experience to answer YOUR questions, whether you are:

  • an engineer
  • contractor
  • architect
  • water district/purveyor
  • supply house
  • property owner/manager
  • insurer
  • rep

Experience tells us that everybody wants the details of the enclosures. So we make those easy to access through our product finder (for standard items) and 24 hour turn around for custom enclosure quotes and drawings.

But you expect more. Here's some insight into how Safe-T-Cover will support your specific requirements.

ENGINEEREngineer builder at construction site.jpeg

You need insights, answers, details and specs. You need them quickly, without multiple inquiries or reminders. So we provide huge amounts of information for you online like drawings and specs for all standard enclosures; guides and educational resources; and quick turn around on custom enclosure quotes. And we'll challenge you. Are you using designs simply because they're "the way it's always been done"? Should you be moving toward RPZs? Are you aware of the damage and liability risks of interior backflow preventers? Want to pull your team together for lunch & learn for CE credits? We provide those both in person and remotely via on-line meetings.


CONTRACTORcontractor industry.jpeg

You need easy access to list prices so you can submit your bids. Once you win that job, things should not start slowing down. The manufacturers you use need to keep up that speed and ease of working with them. Safe-T-Cover keeps up the pace. We keep more than 20 models in stock and ready to ship so they can be at the job site within three weeks. Our manufacturer's representatives across the country also keep our most popular models in stock get you what you need. Once the enclosure arrives, it only takes two men and half a day at most to install.


WATER DISTRICTclose up of businessman hands signing contract.jpeg

You need ideas that will help you enhance safety, improve operations, reduce cost, and simplify administration. We provide information on industry trends, insights into backflow prevalence, as well as cost and liability. We have maintained a program of no charge standard detail development for outside and above ground installations and a knowledgebase of district best practices. Safe-T-Cover is working to develop a database of districts that are requiring RPZ installations above grade and near the right of way.


SUPPLY HOUSEWarehouse worker with box and manager controlling products.jpeg

You need to submit the quote quickly and fill the order on-time without hassle. You face the relentless pressure of great service, low price and quick delivery. Remember the old "pick two of the three"? No, we don't either! When you see drawings calling for a heated backflow cover, most of the time you need the best value - not a specific brand. That's where we help. Most of what you need is available 24X7 through our site, and for shipping or other questions we provide fast and complete information by phone, email and even fax. We hear stories in the industry of week delays for information and six weeks for shipment...if that's killing your margins and peace of mind, let's talk.

OWNERComposite image of businessman standing with hands behind back on the roof of building watching the city.jpeg

Could of...would have...should have...we know how you hate hearing that. Safe-T-Cover has extensive resources on our site to help you anticipate regulatory and use case trends. Building flexibility into your project today will potentially save enormous retrofit costs later and enhance your property value. We've done the research on the best design solution to keep the most money in your pocket. You can avoid having to spend the time and money to retrofit. You can reduce the size of mechanical rooms and keep more of the usable space in your building.


INSURERHappy smiling successful African American businessman  in a suit in a modern bright office indoors.jpeg

The worst claim you pay out is one that was reasonably preventable, but that hadn't been anticipated. That's where we help. We've got a keen sense of the significant exposure that lurks in backflow preventers. Contamination and property damage risks lurk, and we see the consequences that are often not widely discussed. The right device in the right location should be part of your underwriting checklist.