Pump box, hydraulic pumps, water booster pumps, booster pumps in a fire fighting system: Any pressure boosting pump needs a pump cover or pump enclosure. Our pump enclosure offers maximum protection, easy access, regulated temperatures and much more. Learn about the many benefits below.

Pump Enclosures Offer Maximum Protection

Our pump enclosures not only protect against vandalism and theft but will keep your equipment safe in the worst weather conditions.

Pump Covers Provide Easy Access

Our aluminum pump enclosures are constructed from individual insulated panels that are quickly assembled on-site and can be easily disassembled if needed. Lockable access panels and doors make it easy to get to your equipment for testing or maintenance. Newer designs also come with hinged (or removable) roofs to make it easy to take your pump out (if necessary). You can’t do that with a pump house.

Regulate Temperatures Inside Your Pump Enclosure

Our pump covers can be fitted with exhaust fans and louvers to keep your equipment cool in the summer. Heaters will evenly distribute heat to protect against freezing and keep more viscous fluids moving all winter long.

On-site Piping Penetrations

Safe-T-Cover recommends making piping penetrations on all pump covers and pump enclosures on-site. This can be done by the installing contractor for more flexibility for those situations where measurements are a little off.

Noise Reduction

We use materials that absorb roughly 85 percent of the noise generated by your equipment. Our aluminum enclosures are also corrosion resistant, which makes them a great option for protecting pumps.

Custom Pump Enclosures

Oftentimes, a custom pump enclosure is much less expensive than one of our standard models. That’s because a standard pump cover may be too big for your equipment. We can also have a custom enclosure delivered to your site in as little as three weeks.

We provide pump covers and pump enclosures for all needs, including:

  • Water booster pump

  • Firefighting systems

  • Hydraulic pumps

  • Glycol pump enclosures

  • Fire-deluge pump covers

  • And more

Stop taking chances by keeping your most valuable equipment exposed. Leaving your pump and its control panel out in the open creates an opportunity for thieves and puts it at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Our pump enclosures and pump covers are designed for long-lasting and trouble-free use. They often don’t need a permit and cost much less to ship than a pump house. All that, and the peace of mind knowing that your box pump enclosure keeps your equipment safe, yet easy to get to.

If you’re ready to find a cost-effective pump cover or pump enclosure to protect your system, talk to our pump cover expert.

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