Backflow Enclosure SizE Guide

The backflow enclosure size guide is a tool that will help you find the perfect backflow preventer enclosure in seconds. You can use it whether you know your device's exact requirements, or if you aren't nailed down to a certain valve yet, leave some boxes blank to see a variety of aluminum enclosures and find the smallest and best solution.

Start by choosing whether you need an enclosure for a reduced pressure zone backflow preventer or a double check. Then choose the pipe size you need. The rest of the options can be left blank to see a variety of enclosures. However, you can choose different valve enclosure shut-offs such as NRS or OS&Y or specify the clearance based on your district's requirements.

Each option will include your selections as well as the enclosure's model and list price with heat included. You can even view details for the cover and in most cases, a drawing with the backflow preventer in the box. Please click on the enclosure models in the list to see more details, and pricing information.

Valve Enclosure Details 

Valve Type:
Valve Pipe Diameter:
Valve Model:
Valve Shut-Off:
Valve Strainer:
Valve Clearance:
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If you're looking to size a pump cover or an enclosure for a device or system other than a backflow preventer, click the image below to learn how.

download the custom enclosure checklist