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Safe-T-Cover to Present to Virginia ABPA in November

Posted by Cary Wiley on Nov 15, 2017 12:27:44 PM
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - November 15, 2017 -- Cary Wiley of Safe-T-Cover will be presenting on waterworks, backflow installations and best practices to the water purveyors and engineers at the Virginia branch of the American Backflow Prevention Association. The presentation will take place on November 16th. This meeting will last through the afternoon with many water district representatives and manufacturers attending. Mr. Wiley frequently speaks on these topics at the request of water districts, engineering firms. We are happy to present on and lead discussions on the dangers of below ground and indoor backflow installations, the benefits of Municipal and Engineering Standard Details, and the future of enclosure markets. Our goal at Safe-T-Cover is to keep you informed and up to date on the latest best practices for safe drinking water.

According to their website, the American Backflow Prevention Association is an organization whose members have a common interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross-connections. ABPA is an organization dedicated to education and technical assistance. Through its network of regions and chapters, local needs and interests are supported with the resources of the national organization. ABPA is committed to advancing all aspects of backflow prevention for the continued protection of all water users.

The ABPA and Safe-T-Cover have frequently met to exchange information relating to backflow prevention and protecting the water supply. One of the key topics they discuss is RPZ flooding, as is shown in this video of an RPZ discharging water, thankfully while in an enclosure and not indoors.

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