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Safe-T-Cover to Host Waterworks Webinar

Posted by Cary Wiley on Feb 3, 2017 4:30:00 PM
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Feb. 9, 2017 - I'd like to invite you to join a free online Webinar to learn more about backflow prevention best practices.

Over the last several years municipalities and water purveyors have been evolving their standards for backflow prevention valves on commercial facilities.

The evolving guidelines are increasingly conservative - assigning higher risk profiles to applications and requiring reduced pressure zone (RPZ) type backflow prevention assemblies (BPA) for more applications.

There are several contributing factors, including:

• Increased awareness of backflow situations through AMI data
• Growing attention to conservation and environmental concerns
• Awareness regarding potential cross connection risks with traditional double check assembly (DCA) type BPAs

Randy Holland, a consultant for Safe-T-Cover, is presenting this free Webinar on February 23rd at 2pm EST. This is the first Webinar we know of about backflow preventer installation, standard details, and best practices. The webinar has ended, but look out for a recorded version shortly. This Webinar focuses on explaining why water utilities are seeking more premise-isolation cross connection control; why more containment systems are being specified as RPZ regardless of hazard threshold; and why there is an effort among plumbing engineers to move the task formally to the civil engineering discipline. If you design domestic water distribution systems, you need to hear this presentation.

Mr. Holland has been presenting to engineering firms and water purveyors across the country for four years on this and other related industry topics. Join him now to learn the backflow trends and waterworks best practices that have gotten him asked to speak at American Backflow Prevention Association chapters, American Society of Plumbing Engineers conferences and more.

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