Case Study: Pump Enclosure with Variety of Custom Features

After working in this industry for more than two decades, we've come to believe that most pump enclosure applications should be treated as a custom project. Many sales reps, engineers, project managers and facility managers hesitate to do that because they think the custom means high price, long lead-time, and a big hassle.

That's understandable, but it’s not necessarily true when it comes to equipment enclosures. It's actually completely economical to customize a wide range of features. Click here to read about how much our enclosures cost Dimensions are fully customizable, along with aesthetic details like color. Custom penetrations can be easily incorporated for process piping. Climate control can be built in for most environments. We could go on since we build custom enclosures for water tanks and pump systems all the time. Instead, we'd rather show you yet another of our recent custom applications.

Designcustom enclosure for air compressor.jpg

Recently, the engineers at Safe-T-Cover received a request for an enclosure for a quench system at a glass plant. The customer needed accessibility for routine maintenance and equipment replacement. This custom enclosure is 36” wide x 108” long x 72” tall. The design includes both removeable access panels for routine maintenance and removable roof for equipment replacement. The user needs penetrations for system supply and return lines, but they will be done in the field by the end user. Safe-T-Cover's panel design cuts easily with basic hand tools, unlike fiberglass which cracks and shatters. This custom enclosure will also include an exhaust fan and louver to provide ventilation for the pump during summer conditions and a slab mounted heater that will maintain a temperature of 40 degrees for the winter. This enclosure also includes a first for Safe-T-Cover. The customer requested a window located in specific location to allow for quick visual inspection of control panel and gauges.


The initial inquiry came from the website and we were able to respond with a phone call within an hour. Safe-T-Cover staff prides themselves on fast answers. The preliminary design including drawing and an engineering estimate was complete within three hours. Our engineering staff worked closely with the end user to understand the specific project needs. Our custom designs do take a few weeks to complete, unlike most of our standard models. It doesn't take nearly as much time as might be expected, however. It was less than four weeks from sign off to on-site delivery. The enclosure was packed in a single box with all hardware needed for assembly.

Get started on your own custom enclosure design here.

For This High Level of Service

Evaluate suppliers for these capabilities:

  1. Modular design and construction because it allows for easy adaptation
  2. In house engineering experience since they should have worked with similar applications in the past and have the ability to produce drawings to address your requirements
  3. Rapid turn on pricing and drawing so you don’t have time to wait or chase them down.  Make sure they can deliver the information you need in a day or two as this will help you gauge just how focused their business is on delivering custom solutions
  4. OEM capabilities because they are demanding.  Any purchased components must be hassle free, properly priced and the suppliers must be reliable and easy to work with
  5. Standard designs so you can guage their previous work. Depending on your project type, a strong custom enclosure vendor will likely even have drawings of standard valve and pump configurations which can simplify your work substantially - not just the right enclosure, but the system design. Ask them! They may even have a standard detail to save you drawing time.
  6. Stock and custom lead times so you know when to expect your product. While you could have a stock enclosure overnight, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a 3-4 weeks to have the ideal custom enclosure for your application.
  7. Price because they should be able to tell you quickly and accurately what it’s going to cost.  If they build custom enclosures routinely, they’ll have the application experience to quote quickly.


It starts with a call or email to one of our in house engineers who have worked on hundreds of custom enclosures. With the use of our extensive catalog of design details, we can quickly alter one to meet your exact specifications. Alternatively, we can create an entirely new design if necessary. Safe-T-Cover can provide a quote within half a day, and drawings and specifications within a full day. Our modular design makes it possible to provide an pump enclosure in almost any size with a variety of options. Our custom aluminum enclosures are built to provide long term protection to your precious equipment. Remember, if it's worth protecting, it's worth protecting properly.

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