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An Engineer's Guide to Custom Industrial Enclosures

Posted by Al Adams on Sep 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Specifications for an equipment enclosure can lead to an overwhelming number of options. Industrial enclosures go by a lot of names. You may hear them called a pump house, valve house, hot box, utility shed, precast building, aluminum shelter…the list goes on. No matter what you call them, there's a commonality. Someone decided that the equipment inside needs protection.

"Too often stock ‘hotbox’ type solutions force engineers into compromising on enclosure design” comments Craig Carmon, president of Safe-T-Cover.

“But we’re engineers and we understand each project is an engineering challenge in addition to a series of commercial considerations - we want to help engineers understand the range of options they have, and how to design ideal custom enclosures.”

So, Safe-T-Cover's engineers put their heads together and came up with a guide for custom enclosure designThe guide provides an overview of five key design considerations for industrial enclosures including:

  • size and strength
  • climate control
  • aesthetics and protection
  • access and maintenance
  • application flexibility

The handbook is intended to help busy project engineers quickly understand the range of enclosure options and considerations - and particularly increase awareness of the affordability and ease of implementing custom engineered and designed solutions. After all, so much attention goes into the device - isn’t it important to protect it as well as you design it?


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