What Is an Aluminum Enclosure?

aluminum enclosureProtection For Backflow Preventers

Below you'll find more information about our standard aluminum enclosures. If you're looking for a pump or valve aluminum enclosure, you're in the right place.

Safe-T-Cover’s entire production line of aluminum enclosures comply with the ASSE 1060 standard, thanks to our available patented slab-mounted heaters. Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures will cover any backflow preventer and most valves and pump systems. We also offer custom enclosures.

If you need submittals, instructions, specifications or drawings, you'll find them below for each standard enclosure model.

Our aluminum enclosures ship in four standard colors. More colors are available for an additional charge which come in .050 thickness.

Safe-T-Cover provides standard and custom aluminum enclosures for numerous applications:

Standard Cases for Aluminum Enclosures

66126Meters and Backflow Preventer Enclosures

Our standard line of products, Safe-T-Cover water meter and backflow preventer enclosures are built to suit OEM products from brands like Watts, Zurn or Apollo, with standard ASSE 1060 compliance in mind and featuring California redwood bracing, leading insulation technology and modular panels for easy access to equipment for service, inspection or repair.

Packaged Booster Pump Covers 

Booster pumps are often installed outdoors to allow for maximum space inside production facilities or for cases in irrigation, such as farming or golf courses. Like our standard backflow enclosures, our booster pump designs provide superior protection from the elements, animal infestation, debris and vandalism or theft. They are also designed with compliance with local electrical codes in mind. From the first touchpoint and initial quote process to final delivery, our goal is to deliver custom pump designs within one month.

Fire Water Storage Tank Enclosures 

Our team has also developed water storage tank enclosures for industrial use. With a modular approach to design and manufacturing, large-sized use cases are feasible and with turnaround times that may surprise you when it comes to pursuing custom solutions. Read about one storage tank system example here.

Custom Cases for Aluminum Enclosures

Glycol Pump Covers

We’ve worked with manufacturers on glycol pump enclosures. Glycol helps maintain heating or cooling in a contained environment, and is also included in the development of some plastics. In a large-scale use case, the enclosure often needs to be large enough for several people to navigate – a building within a building. We developed a custom glycol pump solution for a client that met complex specifications and needs, and were able to deliver ahead of schedule. Custom doesn’t necessarily mean high cost or long lead times!

Quench System Enclosures

Quench systems are critical in materials manufacturing plants, demanding consistent cooling capability and reliability in all conditions. We developed an enclosure for use in a glass plant that required pipe penetrations, window panels for one-glance inspections and a slab-mounted heater for consistent internal temperatures in the winter, as well as an exhaust fan and louvers for ventilation in summer heat. Numerous custom features and the ability to manipulate the enclosure, all delivered in a single package in less than a month from first contact.

Air Conditioning Pump Covers

In many industrial instances, we recommend a custom project as a solution. While that might give some decision makers pause, at Safe-T-Cover, the cost to develop a bespoke enclosure is mitigated. In one use case with an air conditioning pump enclosure, the client needed noise dampening and all-season protection. We were able to deliver exactly that, and with the ability to ship the modular panels flat, we did so in a way that was economical and flexible for on-site installation.



What are the benefits of using aluminum enclosures?

Aluminum enclosures provide numerous advantages. A lightweight, yet sturdy and durable material, marine grade aluminum’s lifespan can extend well beyond 30 years. Aluminum can also be easily manipulated, allowing for pipe penetrations, fans or ventilation. 

Our modular enclosures allow for easy access to service your waterworks equipment, no vaults to crawl into or cramped spaces to navigate. If a panel is damaged, only that panel needs to be replaced, and PAC-CLAD colorized aluminum is fade-resistant in addition to being rugged and durable for all seasons and climates. 

Safe-T-Cover enclosures are braced with sustainably harvested California redwood and the panels themselves are recyclable. And the cost is on par with many cages and even fiberglass solutions.


Are aluminum enclosure materials better?

The difference between Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosures and other materials used in enclosure development is clear: fiberglass may be a short-term, cost-effective approach, but it will inevitably deteriorate, crack and fail. Insulated bags only cover parts of a valve and do not provide adequate concealment, preventing theft. Cages provide no protection from extreme weather and make the equipment inside prominent for would-be thieves (even if there is no scrap value!) Brick or wood pump houses often require permits, and come at a higher cost with materials and manpower. Many municipalities now prohibit the use of in-ground vaults entirely.

A Safe-T-Cover enclosure is built to last, fade-resistant and marine grade. Modular panels allow for easy access, can be replaced if needed, and are easily manipulated for pipe penetrations or installing fans or venting.


Does my enclosure need a heater?

Regardless of standard climate conditions, we recommend the use of a slab-mounted heater with any aluminum enclosure. With freeze events happening everywhere from Texas to Florida and throughout the Sun Belt, it can no longer be assumed that an enclosure, even an insulated enclosure, is itself adequate protection from the weather.


Can I customize my enclosure?

While enclosure manufacturers provide a range of standard, in-stock and ready-to-ship enclosures or enclosure components, many also provide for custom orders made to exact specifications. Safe-T-Cover’s design professionals are always available to discuss your specific needs and develop a tailor-made solution from durable, insulated aluminum panels.


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