It’s easy to look at the need for a custom-made enclosure and think high-cost and longer lead times. But there’s no need to be afraid.

A custom Safe-T-Cover aluminum enclosure made to specifications and to fit your water works or other critical utility equipment is more affordable than you think, and can be designed and delivered in a shorter timeframe than you might expect. In fact, after decades of experience drafting and developing custom industrial enclosures, we’re of the opinion that most enclosure applications should be treated as custom projects.


Like a tailored suit or gown, custom enclosures should fit properly around your equipment. Safe-T-Cover’s modular design allows us to machine custom aluminum enclosures to almost any size or dimensions. A small-footprint application? Easy. A twenty-six foot monster? No sweat. We’ve developed custom solutions with our marine-grade, insulated aluminum from as small as 7"x24"x24" to heated enclosures at 180"x312"x144". Our Nashville facility is large enough to accommodate and scale to just about any project.  Our superior engineering and design allows us to make the widest and tallest enclosures in the industry.

If a custom-designed enclosure isn’t needed, we have a deep inventory of standard-size enclosures available for delivery.


While a Safe-T-Cover enclosure can help shield your equipment from thieves, vandals and creatures, they can also be equipped to protect against the elements. Our slab-mounted, wet/damp certified heaters protect your equipment and are able to penetrate over a foot down riser pipes to protect water applications from freezing. We also offer wall-mounted models if your use case requires it.

What can we help you with?

Beyond heating, we also offer alarm systems and, for municipal and utility purposes, superior MUNI-LOK protection from potentially-unwanted visitors.


We work on aluminum enclosure solutions for a range of applications. It’s likely we have experience with your equipment’s unique needs. Our design experts and engineers enjoy taking on the challenge of custom-designed enclosure projects and are happy to include a variety of options, from cutouts to climate control. What’s more, most custom enclosures only take a few weeks from sign-off to on-site delivery.

Need a custom aluminum enclosure for an air compressor, Grundfos pump, deluge valve or water storage tank? We’ve done that! Take a look at our custom enclosure checklist and you’ll have taken the first step toward having the best – and best-in-class enclosure for your needs.

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